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A Blind Teenager Shows us
What it Means to Live by Faith

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No live streaming on July 23 as
new cameras are being installed.
How can we trust and know a God we cannot see? Alyssa is a teenager who has been blind since birth. Her blindness has given her a gift of “sight,” the ability to believe in people and things she cannot see, from her mom to strangers to God Himself. Click here  or on the above picture to watch as Alyssa displays what it looks like to “walk by faith and not by sight.” 
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Pastor William will be arriving soon. This is an exciting time for all of us here at Hope Church. Read the latest blog on welcoming a new pastor. There are things you can say but did you know that there are also things you should not say. Just go to our Blogs page and read the latest blog "Welcoming A New Pastor."
Click here to watch Heidi de Vries, a member of our church, in a promotional video for Redeemer University College about her job as a lawyer for the City of Brantford. 
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